Gresham Auto Repair- Cooling System Service

Summer is almost here and with it comes warmer temperatures. While everyone enjoys playing out in the sun, your car might not, especially if its cooling system isn’t working.

The cooling system on your car is responsible for making sure your car’s engine doesn’t overheat. While the cooling system is extremely important all year round, it is especially important during the summer months.

The warmer temperatures make it extremely easy for your car’s engine to overheat. Once an engine overheats, it could result in hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in repair bills.

Luckily, there are often warning signs that will indicate that your car’s cooling system is in need of repair. Knowing the warning signs could help you save money on repair bills, as you prevent your car from overheating and damaging the engine.

The following is a look at some of the most common signs that your car’s cooling system is in need of repair.

Warning Sign #1 – The Warning Light Appears

This is the easiest warning sign to notice. If a car’s cooling system starts to have problems, a warning light will often appear on the dashboard. The light, which looks like a thermometer with several wavy lines, will often appear while you are driving.

Even though your warning light will tell you when you are having problems with your cooling system, you shouldn’t rely solely upon it. Sometimes your car’s system is unable to detect cooling system problems, which means the light will not appear.

Warning Sign #2 – Temperature Gauge Readers Lower or Higher Than Normal

While driving your car, the temperature gauge should read within the normal range. Unfortunately, if there are problems with your cooling system, your gauge will appear off.

When problems occur with your cooling system, your temperature gauge will often read extremely high or extremely low.

Warning Sign #3 – Poor Gas Mileage

Cars will always get the best gas mileage when they are running properly. Problems with a cooling system could cause your car to start to get fewer miles to the gallon. This happens because the fuel is unable to be evaporated properly, which results in the car getting fewer miles to the gallon.


If you suspect you have a problem with your car’s cooling system, schedule an appointment with the professionals at Orient Auto Service located in Gresham, Oregon.

Our technicians will perform a complete system check of not only your cooling system, but your entire car. Once a complete system check is performed, we can provide you with a comprehensive look at what is wrong and how it can be fixed.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to have your car’s cooling system looked at.