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Repair Services

If It Is Broke, We Can Fix It!

We provide complete automotive repair for your Japanese car. This means that if it is broken, we can fix it. We perform virtually all repairs in house. The only exception is body and paint repair. For those needs, we can recommend some local shops that you can trust to do a quality job.

A big part of keeping your vehicle on the road is performing regularly scheduled maintenances. In addition, Oil changes, transmission services, coolant, brake fluid, power steering and differential fluid exchange services help avoid costly breakdowns.

Preventative Maintenance

Reduce Repair Costs With Regular Maintenance

Performing preventative maintenance is like flossing your teeth – your cars teeth. Spending a little time and money today will save you the larger expenses and downtime of major repairs in the future. While changing your oil is like brushing you teeth, transmission services, coolant services, brake fluid services, and power steering services are like a good flossing and cleaning for your car. Many studies have shown that the major cause of component failure is dirty and worn out fluids. Replacing these fluids every 30,000 miles will lessen your chances of having to drill out the cavities of expensive auto repair.

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Coolant Service

The most recognized of all services. It was ingrained into our heads from an early age to check the freezing point of the antifreeze. On today’s cars, while we do look at freezing points, we are most concerned with the alkalinity level of the coolant. The number one cause of coolant leaks are gaskets breaking down due to the acidic nature of the coolant. Service your cooling system every 30,000 miles. Remember, “An ounce of prevention”.

Brake Service

ABS anti-lock brakes are an important safety feature on today’s cars. This modern safety feature, however, comes with an additional maintenance need. Over time, brake fluid will draw moisture, this affecting its boiling point. Also as brake fluid ages, valves in the brake system begin to give up. Sticking anti-lock valves can disable the anti-lock braking feature on your car. A periodic brake fluid service should prevent premature ABS failure. We recommend servicing your brake fluid at least every 30,000 miles.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic

“Check Engine” and “Service Engine Soon” dash lights can be an annoying and pesky problem. What do they typically mean? When you see your amber colored engine light illuminated, it is your vehicles way of telling you there is a problem that needs to be corrected.

Today’s vehicles have an on board diagnostic system that is continually monitoring the operating systems of the engine. It monitors several different sensors, and continuously adjusts inputs such as air and fuel intake to not only keep your vehicle running at it s maximum potential, but also limit the amount of emissions it will release into the atmosphere.

Generally an amber “Check Engine” light does not mean something that needs immediate attention, but something that should be scheduled to have corrected at your earliest convenience. Don’t ignore it. It could cause more damage and affect the drivability and dependability of your car.

Transmission Service

Today’s transmissions operate with a series of solenoids and valves. Dirty and contaminated fluid leads to sticky valves and inoperative solenoids. The most common cause of transmission failure in today’s modern vehicles is dirty and or worn out fluid. Average cost of repair in today’s market is between $2500 and $4000. Don’t wait until you have a problem in the transmission. Do a little preventative maintenance and service the transmission in you car ever 30,000 miles.

Differential/Transfer Case Service

Transfer case and differential fluids wear out and break down much the same as engine motor oil. Most manufactures have specific factory fluids that are required, such as Honda CTV, Dual pump, and VTM-4 fluids. Recommended service is every 30,000 miles.

Oil Changes

We offer “while you wait” oil change service. Kendall provides our house oil, and we stock many other different brands as well. If you are loyal to one particular brand, call ahead of time and we will make sure that we have it in stock when you arrive.

As part of the standard oil change, we check all lights, belts, hoses, and wiper blades. We also check tire pressure and wear patterns, and check for any visible oil leaks.