Preventative Maintenance Services For Japanese And Korean Vehicles

Orient Auto Service is the place in Gresham to seek out preventative maintenance for select Japanese and Korean make vehicles! Make regularly scheduled maintenance for your vehicle a priority and allow our professional technicians to offer high-quality, reliable services.

Why You Need Preventative Maintenance

Why is preventative maintenance so important for your vehicle? Think of it as flossing your teeth. Spending a little time flossing every day means your teeth stay healthier for longer and help you avoid more dangerous and costly dental issues.

Preventative maintenance is like flossing, except for your car. By spending a little time and money to maintain your vehicle, you can avoid the larger expenses and downtime that come with major repairs.

What Sort Of Preventative Maintenance Does Orient Auto Service Offer?

There are many services that fall into the preventative maintenance category of our services, but to name a few, we offer

  • Oil changes
  • Transmission services
  • Coolant services
  • Brake fluid services
  • Power steering services

Did you know that replacing fluids such as those listed above every 30,000 miles will lessen your chances of having more serious car repair issues? It’s true! Don’t forget to schedule preventative maintenance with Orient Auto Service!

Why Choose Orient Auto Service?

While many auto shops perform services on as many vehicles as they can, at Orient Auto Service we’ve chosen to specialize in select Japanese and Korean model vehicles. We service Honda, Acura, Subaru, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Hyundai, and Kia vehicles.

This specialization means that our technicians have specialized knowledge and skill when it comes to servicing our target customers. We are more familiar with the workings of these Japanese and Korean vehicles than a more generalized auto shop will be.

Knowledgeable Technicians Are Waiting To Serve You

The ASE-certified technicians at Orient Auto Service have 50 years’ worth of collective experience in auto repair and maintenance. When you choose Orient Auto Service, you’re choosing an auto shop that offers reliable, professional, high-quality services.

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