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Transmission Repair For Honda Vehicles 

Orient Auto Service Handles All Honda Repairs And Maintenance 

Owners of Honda vehicles in Gresham can rely on Orient Auto Service for quality services! Orient Auto Service is dedicated to bringing Gresham the best in repairs, services, and maintenance for Asian import vehicles such as Honda. We also service select other Japanese and Korean models – including Toyota, Subaru, and more! Allow our ASEcertified tech to take care of your Asian import vehicle today. 

Honda Vehicles Are Known For Their Transmission Issues 

One of the common issues that Honda owners face is issues with their vehicles’ transmissions. What exactly is a transmission? Your transmission is what converts the power of your engine into energy your vehicle can use. In other words, your transmission is vital to making your vehicle actually runThis is why Gresham locals should seek out repairs for their transmission the moment they notice something is wrong. 

How Can I Tell If My Transmission Is Having Issues? 

There are many signs that one can look out for that indicate possible transmission issues. For one, if you notice a whining or clunking noise coming from your transmission is a sign it needs repairs. If you notice you’re having trouble with shifting gears or staying in one gear, your transmission could be delayed. Another more serious sign of needing repairs is the smell of burning. If your transmission leaks, makes a lot of noise while your car is in neutral, or grinds gears, these are all signs it needs service. If you notice any of these symptoms, bring your vehicle in for repairs right away! 

Orient Auto Service Proudly Serves Gresham 

Orient Auto Service has operated in Gresham as a family-owned business since 1980. Family is important to us, and we strive to treat each Gresham customer like family to build lasting relationships. Our specialization in Asian imports includes working with models such as Honda, Toyota, Subaru, and more. Orient Auto Service’s ASEcertified techs have over 50 years of experience together. We only use parts we trust in your vehicle – meaning we only use Factory or Factory-equivalent parts. Additionally, we offer a 2 year/24K mile warranty to our Gresham customers. Our dedication to quality services paired with our expertise is hard to beat! Visit Orient Auto Service in Gresham and see for yourself. 

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