Power Steering Repair

Power steering is responsible for helping drivers move the wheel on their car with ease. When something goes wrong with the power steering, the car’s steering wheel is almost impossible to turn and in some cases it can complete lock up to the point you cannot turn the wheel at all.

If you have noticed that it is difficult to turn the wheel when you are trying to make a right or left turn, it may be because there is a problem with your power steering. The professionals at Orient Auto Service in Gresham, Oregon can run a diagnostic check of your power steering and determine what, if any, problems are present.

Wondering what the professionals will do during a power steering diagnostic check? Here is a look at some of the things they will do should you bring your car in for potential problems with the power steering.

Check the Levels of Power Steering Fluid

The level of power steering fluid present in the vehicle could indicate whether or not a problem is present. Lower levels of power steering fluid could indicate that there is a crack in the fluid lines or a potential problem with the actual power steering pump.

Look at How the Steering Pump Belt is Positioned in the Vehicle

Many people assume that when a belt in a vehicle goes, like the steering pump belt, it just snaps and breaks, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes the belt may slip and slide, which will cause the steering wheel to lock up.

The position of the steering pump belt can be determined by lifting the front of the vehicle up. Someone in the car will then move the steering wheel left and right. If the belt slips or slides, the car will typically make a loud whining noise.

Do an Entire System Checkup for Problems with the Power Steering

A whole system checkup could help determine what might be the cause of your power steering problems. Everything from lower steering leakage and cracks on the pinion seals to unequal tire pressure could cause you to experience problems with your power steering.

Some of the things that will be looked at during a whole system checkup include:

  • Tire pressure
  • Steering gear placement
  • Worn bearings
  • Rack and pinion seal checked
  • Hose check

Once a problem is determined, the steps to fix the problem can be taken. People who take their car to Orient Auto Service will receive a full estimate that will outline what problems are causing your power steering issues and how much it will cost to fix those problems.

If you suspect you are having issues with your power steering, get it checked out by a professional. Call Orient Auto Service today to schedule an appointment to have your power steering inspected by a professional.