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Common Honda Repairs 

Orient Auto Services Offers Excellent Honda Repairs 

When it comes to Honda repairs in Gresham, you’ll have a hard time finding a team with more experience than the team at Orient Auto ServiceWe’re known for our specialization in servicing select Japanese and Korean car models, but did you know that repairing Hondas is what started it all? When we opened in 1980, Orient Auto Service specialized in auto services specifically for Honda and Acura. For over 20 years, we worked on Honda and Acura models exclusively. You simply aren’t likely to find an auto service shop more prepared to service and repair Hondas in Gresham. 

Keep In Mind Common Honda Repairs, Extend Their Usage 

As with most vehicles, if you make sure to have your Honda regularly serviced, you can extend its life by quite some time. Not all Honda models are the same, of course, and Honda is known for putting our vehicles that last a long time. However, there are a few common issues that Honda owners in Gresham can be on the lookout for.  

When you experience issues with worn ball joints, axles, and head gaskets, seek service as soon as you can. These common issues can be addressed by the Orient Auto Service team before they become worse. Additionally, Hondas commonly need valve adjustments. Another issue you may want to look out for is transmission related issues. 

Specifically, if your Honda was made in 2004 or earlier, you may face transmission issues. Most famously, 1999-2004 Accords, Civics, and Odysseys were known for their transmission issues. Since those cars were released 16 or more years ago, this may not be an issue for most Honda owners – but it is still worth being aware of. 

Orient Auto Service Proudly Serves Gresham 

Orient Auto Service has proudly served the people of Gresham since 1980. In the beginning, we specialized in Honda and Acura automobiles – a service that we maintained in for 23 years. Then, in 2003, Orient Auto Service expanded our services to include Japanese cars and trucks such as Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Nissan, Infiniti, and Mazda. Additionally, we service some Korean vehicles such as Hyundai and Kia. If you live in the Gresham area and need service, repairs, or maintenance for any of the above-listed models, you can rely on Orient Auto Service. Our team has over sixty years of combined service experience that we are eager to use to the benefit of our Gresham customers. 

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