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3 Common Subaru Repairs 

Rely On Orient Auto Service For Subaru Repair 

Do you live in or around Gresham? Do you own a Japanese car model such as Subaru, Honda, or Nissan? Does your car need to be serviced or repaired? Then you should visit Orient Auto Service! At Orient Auto Service, we specialize in repairing and servicing select Japanese and Korean car models. We’ve offered our specialized auto services in Gresham since 1980, and we’re eager to prove ourselves to new and returning customers alike. Don’t wait! Visit Orient Auto Service today for specialized auto services and repair. 

Common Repairs Needed For Subarus 

Like any vehicle, your Subaru will need regular maintenance and repair in order to keep running smoothly. At Orient Auto Service, we’re familiar with the ways in which the Subaru model needs to be maintained. Subaru owners should be able to identify these issues, too. Here are some of the most common issues we’ve faced that you may need to keep an eye out for. 

A/C System O-Rings

If you’ve had an issue with your Subaru’s A/C system blowing warm air when you want it to blow cool, you wouldn’t be the first. Usually, this problem is caused by a wornout O-ring, which is used to seal your A/C system. If you’re having trouble with our A/C, bring your Subaru in to Orient Auto Service and we’ll have a look. 

Front Suspension Brushings 

Dry weather can cause your Subaru’s rubber parts, like the belts and the bushings, to wear down faster. Both lower control arm bushings and sway bar bushings can wear out over time. Visit Orient Auto Service, and we’ll take a look to determine the type of repair or replacement you need. 

Head Gaskets 

A leaking head gasket can cause your coolant and oil levels to lower. Don’t try to fix this problem with a generic leak product. Bring your Subaru in for inspection and we’ll help. 

Orient Auto Service Proudly Serves Gresham 

Orient Auto Service has proudly served the people of Gresham since 1980. In the beginning, we specialized in Honda and Acura automobiles – a service that we maintained in for 23 years. Then, in 2003, Orient Auto Service expanded our services to include Japanese cars and trucks such as Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Nissan, Infiniti, and Mazda. Additionally, we service some Korean vehicles such as Hyundai and Kia. If you live in the Gresham area and need service, repairs, or maintenance for any of the above-listed models, you can rely on Orient Auto Service. Our team has over sixty years of combined service experience that we are eager to use to the benefit of our Gresham customers. 

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